Home Anodizing Demonstration

Tom from Tom’s Techniques shows off a fancy home anodizing bench he built and he demonstrates how easy it is to anodize an aluminum part.  He also has a nice build log with lots of pictures that describes how he built the bench.

By the way, you can anodize parts with a much simpler and less expensive setup than his.

Tiny Steam Engine

This small steam engine was built from the plans for Elmer Verburg’s “Tiny” engine, which can be found on the Internet. This version has a unique boiler and burner so it actually runs on steam instead of compressed air, which most model steam engines use for safety reasons.  It was built by Jeroen Jonkman who designed the beautiful “Stirling 60” engine which you can build using his free plans.

How to indicate the vise on a milling machine

“Figbash3” has a quick and unusual method for indicating a vise in one pass.  He starts with its left side slightly angled towards him.  Then while moving the table he taps the right side of the vise until the pointer on his indicator stops moving.  You’ll understand if you watch the video.  It’s only 3:12 long.

Sharpening Twist Drills by Hand - Part 1 of 2

This is the first of two videos that will teach you how to hand sharpen a drill bit using a bench or pedestal grinder.  Part one introduces Barry Young, a machining instructor at Bates Technical College in Tacooma, WA.  He demonstrates how a drill gage is used and shows examples of some poorly sharpened drills.  Barry also shows some drill bits that were properly hand sharpened and he compares them to some that that were sharpened using Darex and Drill Doctor sharpeners.

In the second video Barry Young moves to a grinder and demonstrates the actually sharpening process.

There aren’t many videos that will show you how to hand sharpen a drill bit and these two are by far the best.  It will take you about fifteen minute to watch them both but it will be worth it if you really want to learn how to do it right.

Sharpening Twist Drills by Hand - Part 2 of 2

This is the second of two well-made videos that will teach you how to hand sharpen a drill bit on a grinder.  The first one talked about it and in this one instructor Barry Young demonstrates how it’s done.

How to polish a stainless firearm to a high shine

“TheYankeeMarshall” shows how he puts a mirror finish on a stainless steel gun and explains why he does it by hand instead of using a Dremel tool or some other mechanical method.  He says you can also polish nickle or chrome this way.

Harbor Freight Tubing Notcher Modifications

This video reviews the Harbor Freight Tubing Notcher and demonstrates how to use it.  It also describes how it compares to more expensive tubing notchers and it shows you how to make modifications that will make it work better.  [BTW, HF has it on sale this month (Jan. 2012) for $45 and you could use a 20% off coupon to get down to $36. Inside Track Club members can buy it for $30.]

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