Harbor Freight Tubing Notcher Modifications

This video reviews the Harbor Freight Tubing Notcher and demonstrates how to use it.  It also describes how it compares to more expensive tubing notchers and it shows you how to make modifications that will make it work better.  [BTW, HF has it on sale this month (Jan. 2012) for $45 and you could use a 20% off coupon to get down to $36. Inside Track Club members can buy it for $30.]

2 comments to Harbor Freight Tubing Notcher Modifications

  • PJ

    Help! What am I doing wrong? I bought this on the pretext that it can notch up to 60 degrees, but anything above about 35 degrees there is not enough clearance between the tube and the hole saw even with the bushing block adjusted to the highest two slotted holes.

    Is there some setting or easy modification I am missing here? I’m trying to make 1 1/4 notches in 1 1/4 tube. Does someone make a hole saw short enough to allow for a 60 degree cut (or even 45) using this tool?


  • norbert lögers

    ich möchte gerne dieses Gerät kaufen. Schicken sie auch nach Deutschland ? Was kostet es ?

    Gruß Norbert

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