Sharpening Twist Drills by Hand - Part 1 of 2

This is the first of two videos that will teach you how to hand sharpen a drill bit using a bench or pedestal grinder. Part one introduces Barry Young, a machining instructor at Bates Technical College in Tacooma, WA. He demonstrates how a drill gage is used and shows examples of some […]

Sharpening Twist Drills by Hand - Part 2 of 2

This is the second of two well-made videos that will teach you how to hand sharpen a drill bit on a grinder. The first one talked about it and in this one instructor Barry Young demonstrates how it’s done.

Harbor Freight Tubing Notcher Modifications

This video reviews the Harbor Freight Tubing Notcher and demonstrates how to use it. It also describes how it compares to more expensive tubing notchers and it shows you how to make modifications that will make it work better. [BTW, HF has it on sale this month (Jan. 2012) for $45 and […]

How a Compact Bender Works

This quick video will show you what a compact bender is and how it’s used. It’s being used to bend flat stock but a compact bender can also bend round and square rods and tubing.

Basic English Wheel Technique, Lazze Metal Shaping

Metal shaping master Lazze Jansson gives a basic introduction to the English wheel and includes an important trick, which is to leave a flat “frame” around the edge of the metal.

Basic Metal Working

This 8-minute video uses a simple project to demonstrate basic metal working skills and tools. It probably tries to teach too much in too short a time but we think it’s still a good video. You’ll learn how to accurately layout and drill holes, the proper way to use hacksaws and files, […]

Fabricating Fenders for a 1934 Lagonda - Part I

It’s easy to find videos that demonstrate metal forming tools and processes. But it’s hard to find good videos like this one that show you from start to finish how those tools and processes are used together to create a part.


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