Tiny Steam Engine

This small steam engine was built from the plans for Elmer Verburg’s “Tiny” engine, which can be found on the Internet. This version has a unique boiler and burner so it actually runs on steam instead of compressed air, which most model steam engines use for safety reasons. It was built by […]

The World's Smallest V-12 Engine

This incredibly small V-12 engine is powered by compressed air. All the parts are hand-made except for the bolts. For those who don’t know Spanish:

“A tiny V-12 engine with compressed air injection, hand made using traditional methods. It is 12cc in displacement, the diameter of the cylinder is 11.3 mm, the […]

Model 4-stroke Petrol Engine

This is a really nice example of a “Webster” 4-cycle gas engine that you can build from free plans. It’s a popular and proven engine that was designed to be quick, inexpensive and easy-to-build. You can learn more about it by visiting Joe Webster’s web site or this page on MachinistBlog.com.


'Steampunk Time Machine' Hot Air Engine

This two-cylinder Ringborn type Stirling engine was inspired by the scientific instruments at the Museum of the History of Science, located in Oxford England. It was made Jos De Vink, who learned to machine and make Stirling engines when he retired after working for computers for 32 years. His designs are so […]