Aluminum welding training on your own at home

This video describes a good way to practice TIG welding aluminum. It will also show you how an expert does it and maybe give you a few tips.

Bolt Removal the Right Way

This video shows how you can remove a broken bolt or stud by welding a washer and nut to it. The technique is demonstrated on a very rusty bolt that is broken off almost flush with a pump housing.

Sheet Metal Fabrication - Here's a Good Tip for Tack Welding

This video demonstrates a really fast and easy way to tack weld steel sheet metal with a TIG welder. It also demonstrates a MagTab™ tool and briefly talks about the Millermatic Passport welder.

Chem Sharp Tungsten Sharpening

I would have never guessed that you could chemically sharpen a tungsten TIG welding electrode. This video demonstrates a product called Chem Sharp that can do it.

Lighting and shutting down an oxyacetylene torch

This video is from the Harris Products Group, a well-known manufacturer of gas welding, cutting and brazing equipment. It demonstrates the best way to light and shut down and oxyacetylene torch, and also how to achieve a neutral flame.