Machining a Part

This well-made video shows a part being machined on a Sieg C4 lathe and Sieg Super X3 mill.  It uses time-lapse photography to show all the steps without being boring.

Rust bluing an octagon barrel

Rust bluing is one of a number of ways to produce a protective finish on gun parts.  It requires more work than the others but it provides better rust and corrosion resistance.  The Pilkington Classic American Rust Blue solution used in this video can be bought from a number of suppliers.

Aluminum welding training on your own at home

This video describes a good way to practice TIG welding aluminum.  It will also show you how an expert does it and maybe give you a few tips.

Bolt Removal the Right Way

This video shows how you can remove a broken bolt or stud by welding a washer and nut to it.  The technique is demonstrated on a very rusty bolt that is broken off almost flush with a pump housing.

Homemade Tapping Machine

This video shows how to make a simple and inexpensive hand tapper.  It will hold taps straight and perpendicular to the hole which will help prevent them from breaking.

How a Compact Bender Works

This quick video will show you what a compact bender is and how it’s used.  It’s being used to bend flat stock but a compact bender can also bend round and square rods and tubing.

Basic English Wheel Technique, Lazze Metal Shaping

Metal shaping master Lazze Jansson gives a basic introduction to the English wheel and includes an important trick, which is to leave a flat “frame” around the edge of the metal.

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