Sheet Metal Fabrication - Here's a Good Tip for Tack Welding

This video demonstrates a really fast and easy way to tack weld steel sheet metal with a TIG welder.  It also demonstrates a MagTab™ tool and briefly talks about the Millermatic Passport welder.

Model 4-stroke Petrol Engine

This is a really nice example of a “Webster” 4-cycle gas engine that you can build from free plans.  It’s a popular and proven engine that was designed to be quick, inexpensive and easy-to-build.  You can learn more about it by visiting Joe Webster’s web site or this page on

How to Polish and Repair Scratched Plastic

This video describes some of the different kinds of plastic and how you can polish the edges of acrylic and polycarbonate using a torch (flame polishing), a buffing wheel or chemicals.  It also demonstrates how you can repair scratches with the Novus System.

How Wire EDM Works

A short interesting video that describes what Electrical Discharge Machining is, how it works and its advantages.  It also shows the kind of parts you can make with a machine that can make hair thin cuts in any kind of metal.

Turning & the Lathe

A good short demonstration of straight turning, rough turning, finish turning, taper turning, contour turning (profiling), forming, chamfering and grooving.

Nissin CNC Tubing Bender

Someone on YouTube said this Nissin CNC tubing bender poops steel.  It’s a crude but good description.

Fastest Wire Bending in the World

The manufacturer claims this is the world’s fastest CNC wire bender.  I don’t know if that’s really true but it is fast and fascinating to watch too.

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