CNC milling glass plates and mirrors

Ben Krasnow describes how he cuts out complex shapes from glass using a CNC mill and diamond burrs.  Visit his web site if you would like to learn more, including details about feeds, speeds and the diamond burrs he uses.

Thread Cutting Closeup

This video offers an excellent point of view of a lathe’s thread cutting process.  It shows a 1/2-20 thread being cut on a manually operated lathe with a camera that is mounted on the tool post.

Machine Tool Basics - Lathe Workholding

This video demonstrates turning between centers, 3-jaw self-centering chucks, 4-jaw chucks, faceplates, live centers, steady rests and follow rests.  It also describes some good work practices.

Easy centering 4 jaw chuck

This video shows how to center a workpiece in a 4-jaw chuck with a method that uses two chuck keys.  It also shows a good way to mount to  your dial indicator.

How to make a steel fish (Perch)

This very well edited video shows how artist Gordon Dickinson makes a perch sculpture from mild steel using a plasma cutter, stick welder, grinder,  hammers and a log that’s used as an anvil.  He sold  it for £400.

'Steampunk Time Machine' Hot Air Engine

This two-cylinder Ringborn type Stirling engine was inspired by the scientific instruments at the Museum of the History of Science, located in Oxford England.  It was made Jos De Vink, who learned to machine and make Stirling engines when he retired after working for computers for 32 years.  His designs are so interesting and beautiful that he has become well regarded artist.  You can see more of his engines here.

Tube Bending

Tube Bending – This video gives a brief tutorial on how tube bending is performed and identifies various types of mandrels.

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